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Christ Church Cathedral New Orleans
Staff Training- July 23rd
Camp- July 24th - 27th
Camp Able is a sacramental gumbo where the diversely abled are baptized in a spiritual roux of dignity driven love. Camp Able is where you are invited to be yourself, set your soul free, and change the world.
We are called to love God and to love our neighbor, and reminded that our neighbors don’t all look or sound or think the same way we do. The love of God is without conditions or limits, and it’s in celebration of that love that we come together at Camp Able to establish, at least for a few days, a community of unconditional love and acceptance. This is not about changing people, or manipulating others to be more like we want them to be; this is about forming a community that loves us just as we are. This is about the love of God for all of God’s people.
Camp Able NOLA is located at Christ Church Cathedral. We invite you to a day camp (from 8am to 3pm) full of activities such as dancing, arts & crafts, nature adventure, outside activities, games, and our own second line performance. Ages range from 10 and up.  Each camper, faced with their own set of circumstances, works through their challenges to take part in a camp that allows them to have fun, make new friends, experience new things and most importantly just be an extraordinarily beloved child of God. 

For more information on Christ Church Cathedral click HERE                                                                                                            

2919 St. Charles Ave • New Orleans, LA 70115 • Ph: 504-895-6602

2024 Director: Mary Evelyn Webb Dear

2024 Coordinators: Fr. Stephen, Kristen Reinberger, & Taylor Cheek

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